Warfare One

A Free-to-Play Battle Royale experience on the Avalanche blockchain.
"The natural state of the universe is one of conflict and disorder. That simple truth is even evident through life’s innate craving for chaos. This is why, even in an age of peace, we create games of blood to simulate that natural state of reality."
Warfare One is the newest evolution of the Battle Royale video game genre, where thanks to the power of blockchain, players can now earn from the competition!
Taking on a top-down perspective: pick your contender, equip your weapon skins, drop into the battlefield, find equipment from across the map, and fight your way to become the last survivor of this all-or-nothing death match consisting of up to 40 players.
Get more personal in Arena Duels, a fast-paced 2v2 mode that will include objective based game modes. Find a trusted partner and battle it out in this more tactical and competitive game mode!
Our "Play-to-Earn" model seeks to reward active participation within the game.
Earn Loot boxes as you compete on the battlefield, then unlock their contents with purchasable keys to reveal their randomized NFT reward.
By supporting the native token, we will create an ecosystem that will rely on players utilizing the marketplace, store, and playing the game itself! As huge gaming and Battle Royale fans, we truly believe in creating a fun product over anything else.
Step into the arena... it's not like you have much choice!
Play as a contender plucked from space-time, forced to battle in an intergalactic death game for the entertainment and profit of the “overseers.”
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