Entering Warfare One

"Every warrior wants a worthy opponent."
Make your mark on the arena and become a highly valued asset for intergalactic investors. Or perhaps simply the thrill of battle will be enough to satiate your purpose?
Starting your journey with Warfare One is easy... ...but we aren't quite sure why you would willingly want to fight to the death on an Alien Battlefield! Regardless, the Overlords will be more than happy to accommodate your addition.
At full release, Warfare One will always be accessible to everyone. Free-to-Play characters will have some progression and customization limitations, but all future content including map updates, weapon additions, game modes etc. will be available our F2P players!
Valuing a healthy and growing community, it was only natural that we would find the F2P model most appropriate to this end. With no barrier to entry, this allows the most amount of people to be a part of the core experience.
Check the next sections for what you need to know to get started!