The Chosen

“ What we do in life… echoes in eternity.” - Moonwalk
'The Chosen' are a collection of notable Warfare One combatants, who have earned their reputation by name and nature. But most of all, these are names specifically under the careful watch of the overseers, with each under code "Ruptor". We have extracted a few of their files for your viewing pleasure.
Ace A prodigy of his time, his exceptional skills with technology had made him an alluring target for capture.
Cardinal Mistakes are often made with the capture breeds the overseers send out to select low to mid-value humans. But it seems this mistake worked in their favor.
Charles From Sales The poster boy of the Reconstruction Initiative, his elderly holographic face has sold more insurance plans than there are investors.
Hermit Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young
Moonwalk A poet, a writer, but most of all, an investor. He has a thing or two to teach his fellow competitors.
Reaver "The Corpse Ghost" Your worst nightmare lurks in the shadows.
White Fang A contender from a different planet, that you shouldn't take lightly.