Charles From Sales

"Huh? Yeah, yeah... I am that guy from the commercial. No, I won't 'spare your life.' Heh, I represent an intergalactic insurance company and you expected charity?"
The Reconstruction Initiative Bio-cybernetic Shell / Charles from Sales
Did you place a hefty investment on the name of a tested warrior in the Warfare One Arena? Hoping to see a worthwhile return, watching the numbers rise as their victories accumulate, with all the charts proving you made the right choice? But then… whoops! Either through mismanagement, environmental causes, or sabotage, their reserved DNA archives are no longer available for replication. And then, predictably, your champion falls in one fateful match but is left without another body to transfer into.
Now, it may seem like your asset is all but void, only now possessing a consciousness stuck in the Limbo systems. While they may still hold the name of a tried and true warrior, what good are they if they are just a voice in a computer? Well, before you pull your faith from the tournament, let me inform you that your very expensive digital mind still holds some potential.
Introducing the Reconstruction Initiative! Having a strong partnership with the Warfare One Tournament's Overseers, we can happily provide your lone warrior with a new bio-cybernetic shell that meets the requirements of the competition. For a temporary rental, you can upload your asset’s mind into one of our many models that will then automatically match their last recorded Biodata to its own internals, such as muscular strength and lung capacity.
Displaying your legend with a holographic overlay projection, you can continue their legacy through a new form. While you might think that the audience wouldn’t respond well to such a drastic visual change, our studies have shown that it can, in many cases, actually reignite a combatant’s falling viewership.
Don’t believe us? Take a look at the Reconstruction Initiative's most popular example: A fighter with over half a decade in the pits and five hundred victories under his belt, the beloved human “Charles from Sales.” Initially picked up from his home planet alongside hundreds of other less than valuable assets as cheap purchases for first-time investors, “Charles from Sales” had become a surprise hit with the crowds with his unprecedented skills in the arena. But after his DNA archives were wiped, it had seemed as though his time in the spotlight had finally faded. Then we here at the Reconstruction Initiative proved that wrong! We rebuilt Charles better than ever, and his exploits on the battlefield haven’t been anything but spectacular for both the fans and investors.
Where at one point, you would have to decommission your lost assets and lay them to rest due to forces outside of your control, we are now able to breathe a new eternal life back into them.
Can’t afford the costs of a rental but still worry about the possibility of losing your hard-earned investments? No worries! For a monthly fee much smaller than our rental payments, you can acquire one of our insurance plans that covers up to three of your warriors!
Don’t wait! Secure your assets now! Become a friend of the Reconstruction Initiative, and we promise to keep your pawns battling for many millennia to come.
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