Unmasking a Contender

"You have showcased your abilities well and have impressed the Overlords. Now it’s time to add a name and a face to those skills. Are you ready for your second debut?" - Varu, The Warden
The Overlords love to test new blood before they are allowed recognition, hence the mask and jumpsuit. Your identity will be hidden from the eyes of investors until the market is ready for your true reveal.
You will be able to Reveal your character by "Unmasking” them. This is done by paying a flat fee of 35 USD in $AVAX. Your revealed character will then be assigned some random physical attributes and will be given a base skin.
All progression restrictions will then be lifted after unmasking your character, and all accounts with at least one unmasked character will be able to earn Loot Boxes, progress beyond Level 10, purchase and complete Battle Passes, and equip cosmetics!
Cosmetics can be earned by playing the game, obtained from Loot Boxes, or purchased via our Store or Marketplace.