Infinity Pass

"Could only smuggle what would fit in my bag. No, you don't get it old man, these aren't just simple gate passes. You won't believe how far these things can get you." - Donavon, The Smuggler
The Infinity Pass supports our long-term goals as a project and games company. All proceeds from the minting and trading of these NFTs will go into our project treasury. This collection will have a 7% royalty that gets put straight into layering the runway for Warfare One development. They will be extremely limited in their release but kept soft capped to roll out cautiously as we grow. Owning the Infinity Pass is accompanied with long-term benefits not only in Warfare One, but everything we develop forever.
  • Access to the Infinity Channel — Where holders can enjoy alpha and a more direct feed to the founders and team as the project grows
  • Special role in Discord to signify your support
  • Access to BETAs and test phases before they’re tested by the public
  • Access to limited merch runs before they hit the public
  • Discounts on all future mints
  • Special prizes and giveaways
  • Free revealed character
  • Free Loot Boxes each Season
You do not need an Infinity Pass to play Warfare One, it will always be Free-to-Play!