The Plan

"Step 1: Capture humans, Step 2: Make them fight each other, Step 3: Profit. I bet that's how it went down in the alien board meeting." - Ace
The monetization plan of Warfare One is to focus on 4 core pillars to steer us to success.
  • Supporting the Native Token
  • Loot Boxes & Keys
  • Cosmetic Shop
  • Marketplace Driven Economy

Supporting the Native Token

We want to support the chains native token, $AVAX! As a project we have no interest in launching our own token as of now. All mints, purchases, interactions, and market trades that occur under the umbrella of Warfare One will be done in $AVAX for the foreseeable future. We would love to launch our own token in the future, but right now it doesn’t provide any benefit to the project and allows us too focus on a fun game.

Loot Boxes & Keys

Loot Boxes will be rewarded to players that perform well enough for the aliens to feel charitable. There will be a plethora of loot boxes that users can earn, each needing a specific key to open.
Users can purchase the keys from other players on the secondary market or directly from the Warfare One store.

The Store

The Store (Cosmetics Shop) will contain a rotating supply of bundles and cosmetics for players to purchase. Cosmetic bundles are special packs that contain multiple items like character skins, melee weapons, gun skins, calling card accessories etc. Bundles will have different rarities and it’s never guaranteed that a bundle will ever be sold twice.

Marketplace Driven Economy

Each of the previous 3 pillars leads to our final which is a marketplace driven economy. Since all cosmetic items are NFTs you own them! We want players to trade skins and cosmetics amongst each other to bring into the game and show off while they play. Whether you pull a common melee weapon skin or a legendary character skin, you’ll have the ability to bring that to our marketplace and trade it for $AVAX!
We’re developing a Warfare One NFT marketplace to make it easier for our users to sift through and move their winnings. This not only introduces P2E to Warfare One, but brings a huge stream of profitability for the project.
Our marketplace will have a standard 4% fee for most collections.