Battle Royale

"Your victory must be earned, at all costs..." - Overseer XI

Joining a Lobby

A maximum of 40 players are chosen by the Alien Overlords, who will be forced to fight to the death until only one remains. Once you find a lobby, you’ll have up to a one-minute warm-up period to free roam before being shuffled into the drop tubes. This is a great time to check the map and plan where you want to drop.

Dropping In

Once the match begins, you'll be flown across the map on a randomly generated trajectory. You can jump out at any time and descend to your desired location. Once you have landed, you will be able to scavenge for weapons and items. These items will spawn randomly, by type and location.
Where we dropping?

The Zone

After 40 seconds, the zone — an enclosing laser wall designed to force combatants to engage — will begin to close in. Be careful! The lasers generate a field of extreme heat; anyone caught within will begin to take damage over time.
At a set time in the game, the Alien Overlords will look to provide the remaining players with advanced weaponry. Weaponry far above the likes of the typical sort you'd find in the arena that, in the right hands, could remove you from the face of the planet. But do be cautious, these powerful crate drops will attract much attention, and the overseers were keenly aware of this when making their addition.

Becoming a Champion

Becoming a Champion is no easy feat. If a player wins a match whilst also acquiring the most kills, they will be designated as a Champion. The Champion will receive a reward boost for this accomplishment, but at the detriment of being marked by the overseers! You can best think of a marked champion as a bounty; anyone who can eliminate a Champion will receive a bonus.
The Overlords love to test your worth.

Future Game Mode Additions

Eventually, we will integrate a variety of game modes. In the future, we will be releasing team-based alternative modes, like duos, trios, and quads; but other potential modes could be seasonal, new forms of competitive play, or just a twist on the standard Battle Royale genre!