"So many ways for you to die, shame I can only see each one at a time." - Varu, The Warden
Warfare One will contain a lot of traditional Battle Royale features that you may be familiar with, with our own twist!
Ultimately, our goal is to make a super fun game that is accessible to everyone and has a mixture of casual and competitive gameplay and game modes.

Game Modes

Battle Royale

Solos - The traditional form of the tournament where combatants take the challenge alone. Showcase your skills and worth as an individual asset to the eager investors and Overseers. Duos - Fight in the arena with a partner who’s got your back. You're no longer competing on your own, but neither is the enemy. Trios - Push for victory as teams of three where coordination and planning are made all the more crucial. Quads - The Overseers wish to fully test your collaborative abilities; battle in the arena in squads of four where every lost team member is a substantial hit to your chances at survival.

Arena Duels (2v2)

Display your strengths and weaknesses for the entertainment of the Overseers as you face a variety of different challenges with and/or against other players.
Team Deathmatch - A simple mode but very beloved by the audience. Two teams battle each other to reach a score limit of X, where every enemy killed awards your team with X points.
Capture the Flag - One’s ability to kill isn't the only aspect tested here. Your target is the enemy flag; steal it and bring it to your own team's flag before the opposition can do the same.
More to come...
In the future we'll be adding additional game modes seen in the Arena Duels section.
For those dedicated and skilled players, we plan on having competitive leaderboards and tournaments!