XP Progression

"You know, I was promoted sooner in the arena than I ever did in some desk job back on earth. Either I'm not a very convincing person, or I'm just a little too good at killing." - Charles From Sales
There will be several XP systems within the game. All offering progression, and the chance to unlock and obtain cosmetics, loot boxes, and items! There will always be something to aim for and develop.

Global XP

Global XP will be tied to your wallet address and will allow you to level up to achieve rewards, leaderboard positions, obtain new level icons or simply show off!
You will be able to gain global XP primarily by playing the Battle Royale mode. The better your performance (placement, kills etc.), the more XP you will receive. There will also be the opportunity to complete a variety of Challenges!

Battle Pass XP

Each season in Warfare One, we will introduce a new Battle Pass! This will be purchasable for a fixed fee of X. It will have a max level of 50, offering rewards for reaching certain levels.
The battle pass will allow you to unlock cosmetics, items and XP boosts to further your progression in other areas even more. It will contain unique items, that will only be obtainable by levelling/completing the Battle Pass for that specific season.