"Are You Not Entertained?!" - Cardinal
Warfare One will feature a variety of weapons, with a mixture of Ground Loot, and powerful weapons that are only obtainable from Craft Drops!
Ground Loot is the weapons and other items that will spawn on the ground in the game. Players will be able to equip, or add these to their inventory (up to a maximum of two weapons at a time).
Craft Drops are special packages that will be delivered to a random location on the map by the Alien Overlords, to make the battles more... "entertaining". These packages will contain the strongest weapons available that can give the holder an advantage over their competitors, and could be the difference between winning — or losing.
Melee Weapons are usable by all players upon landing. Can't find a weapon? Just punch your opponent! Users will be able to equip their desired melee weapon skin prior to joining a game, they will all do the same amount of damage, but who doesn't want to kill someone with a Rubber Chicken?!
Lethal Equipment. Dangerous, usually explosive equipment that can inflict some serious damage, and if used correctly (with a bit of luck), could even wipe a whole squad.
Tactical Equipment is an important resource within the Arena. It can flip a fight in your favour or save you from certain death...

Ground Loot

Pistol A common weapon found throughout the arena. Won’t guarantee your survival, but it's better than your fists.
Deagle A pistol that packs more of a punch than any ordinary model. Gonna have to be a good shot if you want to make the most out of this beauty.
Pump Action Shotgun Nothing is more satisfying than cocking the pump and hearing that cha-ching. Well, maybe winning is an exception. But if you have the skill, and this weapon, perhaps you can get the best of both worlds.
Double-Barreled Shotgun You got a problem over there? Point and shoot. Blam! Ain’t got a problem over there no more. And if there ever were problems near that general vicinity, those problems are gonna think twice.
MP40 A tool taken from the trenches of an old war. While you may be better off with a more modern design, this weapon once proved itself on the battlefield; maybe it can serve some use here.
PPSH A relic from the 40s, this old design still holds its own as a reliable tool to spray and pray.
AK47 An iconic weapon. With such a simplistic and durable design that saw it mass produced in the millions, it's no wonder you’d find some even here.
M16 Made for jungle warfare, this firearm was the standard issue choice for the US military at one point in time.
Hunting Rifle Not exactly going after your traditional game, are we? But if it’s good enough to blow a hole through a deer, it's good enough to blow a hole through a person.
Bow & Arrow Harness the skills of the ancestors, and defeat your opponent with mere sticks and stones. Or look like a fool when you can't even fire an arrow straight; honestly, that's probably most likely.

Craft Drops

50. Cal Sniper With bullets so big you can wield them like pencils, you don’t want to miss your shot with this behemoth.
Flamethrower It’s hard to think about shooting back when you have your burning flesh to worry about.
Grenade Launcher Load, shoot, BOOM. Simple as that.
Minigun Not the quietest thing in the world, but it doesn't need to be when just the sound of its spinning barrels can ward off would-be adversaries on its own.
Laser Rifle A weapon plucked from the future; its pure destructive capabilities can make one nervous alone, even more so when they find out that it's just a prototype.
Frag Grenade Molotov Cocktail Sticky Grenade Thermite C4 Throwing Knife
Flash Grenade Stun Grenade Smoke Grenade Gas Grenade Stim