Free to Play

"You think the overseers would charge you for the privilege of dying for our entertainment? Silly human, you will pay your share in value." - Varu, The Warden
Warfare One is a Free-to-Play (F2P) game at its core. Users will have the opportunity to mint a Free-to-Play character, but we will roll this out in waves. This will be done to primarily prevent an overflow of users initially!
In order to gather enough data on contenders before placing them on the market, the Alien Overseers force F2P characters into jumpsuits and cover their faces with a mask, all to suppress their potential value before they are “ready.”
"Any Restrictions?"
F2P characters will have the ability to play the Battle Royale and any future game mode additions. However, accounts with no Revealed combatants will have their account level capped to 10 and will lose the ability to earn XP beyond this point.
Users will also be unable to earn loot box rewards and complete challenges or achievements until they Reveal or own an unmasked combatant. The Overlords want to at least see the face of the combatant they are rewarding...
Initially, we may restrict certain BETA and other test phases to early minters, prominent supporters or Warfare One NFT holders.
Read more about how to remove restrictions and Revealing your combatant next...