“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail...” - Moonwalk

Playing the Game

We’ve made sure to reward our dedicated players in a myriad of different categories in which they can earn progress with time and skill:
  • Account Level by earning XP (based on match performance).
  • Complete challenges and progress achievements that will come in various forms such as Daily, Weekly, Mastery and more...
  • Advance Battle Pass Level in order to obtain cosmetic rewards and boosts.
  • Earn Loot Boxes that can be opened by using Keys.
  • Compete for leaderboard positions.
  • Take part in organised tournaments to win prizes!

Exploring the Marketplace and Store

  • The marketplace is where you will be able to trade your skins and other cosmetics, all of this ㅤwill have an attached 'rarity', making items and NFTs more unique.
  • The store is where you will be able to buy specific items or bundles which may be limited ㅤㅤ (time or total available). You will also be able to buy Keys that you can use to open your Loot Boxes, that you earned through playing the game.