The Blockchain

"The blockchain? Oh yeah, I still have no idea how that works." - Ace
The Blockchain is one of these potential new technologies that companies all across the globe are looking at ways to integrate within our popular media.
It is a decentralized, public, and shared database that acts as a ledger that records transactions and other forms of selling operations.
The Blockchain, in regard to the video game industry, allows for the possibility of ownership over in-game assets. With said ownership, this creates a whole new market for trade, where players can acquire, sell, and collect virtual assets for in-game benefits or for real-world profit.
Like most young innovations, early adopters can see a real return on investment as the technology becomes widely adopted and is made mainstream. Judging by this survey, 85% of respondents believed Blockchain Technology would receive mainstream adoption in the next 5 years.
It is because of this growth potential within the market and its additional gameplay capabilities that we chose to integrate the Blockchain into our game.
Last modified 1yr ago